Invest In Me is a non-profit organization focused
on self-empowerment, leadership and civic engagement in
Stanislaus County. Invest in Me provides participants with
opportunities for self-development and growth on a personal
and professional level, build skills to become leaders in their
school and communities, and provide guidance and mentorship
to support a successful transition to education and/or career



​ After conducting research in 2012 of the Westside of Stanislaus County it was found there weren’t any “specific” programs targeting young women and their personal development. These findings were enlightening and a need to call for action. After much discussion amongst community leaders, the program Invest In Me was created. The intention was to provide a program that professional adults can meet with young women from different backgrounds and create a safe space where self-reflection, skills can be furthered developed, empowerment opportunities could flourish from discussion.





Provide young women with a safe space to develop, learn, find their voice and explore their potential.


Provide young women the tools to successfully transition into strong, independent, and civically engaged individuals.


Provide mentorship opportunities, by inviting community and business leaders, educators and advocates to provide expertise on issues that affect young women locally and globally. 


Young women will build leadership skills, understand the importance of self-empowerment, and be provided with opportunities to express their needs in various mediums.


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Invest In Me is a Project in affilitation with Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) a non-profit public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 


Invest In Me is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a registered public charity, which provides non-profit status. Your donation is fully tax-deductible. 


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